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Latest Films.

Experiments in Midjourney

Woman Carrying Camera
The Crucaders
Occult Seance

Newsletter: What's The Hurry?

This Newsletter is a long form project gradually examining the premise that perhaps the way in which our world has operated, and continues to do so - at breakneck speed; encouraging maximal efficiency, productivity, and growth - might in fact be the opposite of what we need.

That our attention spans have declined is unarguable. That we still find it incredibly difficult to multitask competently is unchanging. That we can shift our thinking away from these conditions, by understanding alternative cultures and ways of life, watching and listening to the non-human world, and re-discovering meaning and pleasure in the slow, is what I am examining in this newsletter.

It comes out approximately once every two months, and will contain interviews, cultural criticism, and self-experimentation. All in the name of slowing down.


Events & Workshops.

June 25, 2022
Activist Filmmaking Workshop
1400 @ Die Linke International Summer Camp
June 22, 2022
Activist Filmmaking Workshop
1830 @ Gneisenaustr. 52, Berlin