Danny Starr - Losing Sight

Music video for artist Danny Starr.

We shot this in the early days of 2022, when I was still inĀ London for a Christmas break.

Garden Studios, who are one of the major VirtualĀ Production studios in London, asked me to come in and work on this video to help find a balance between testing the technology and crafting a provocative and punchy piece of work.


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Directed by:Ā SamĀ Ainsworth
Cinematography:Ā SamĀ Kemp
Editor:Ā JillianĀ Sanders
VP:Ā Supervisor:Ā Mark Pillborough-Skinner
Production Coordinator:Ā Jillian Sanders
TechnicalĀ Artist:Ā Liam Wedge
VPĀ Technician:Ā Maria Rosianu
Focus Puller:Ā James Furr
Playback Op:Ā Matt Grimble
Sparks:Ā Jake Ingles, Charlie Martin, Omar Radwan

Thanks to:Ā GardenĀ Studios, ProcamĀ Take 2, Lee Lighting Services

Shot at Garden Studios' Virtual ProductionĀ Stage