February 20, 2022

The Drip


Beware of The Drip!

A curse from who knows where?

That’s designed to scare!

You know you’re out of luck

When the drip interrupts.

All within earshot.

So put a sock

or tissue

or piece of gum

Or stand there

blocking it with your thumb.

Does it speak to you?

It speaks to me.

It gets inside my head

questions who I’m meant to be

lying in bed looking at the ceiling

and gradually this feeling

starts its creeping




It’s a symptom of a system

which doesn’t care

Seeking to ensnare

Those in a desperate situation

not in their own nation

A landlord who you pay in cash

A door without a latch

A contract with a catch

So can we fix this issue?

Or will it fix us?

Convince us that it’s normal

Work to gain our trust

The longer it goes on

the more we tell others

“oh it’s not an problem”

go from girls to mothers

pass on the buck

hoping for a little less suck

Day by day

Week by week

year by long and languorous year

The drip infects

Unless we detect

The root cause

Which we suspected

but never investigated.

Until that day we say enough is enough

Get the wrench

I’m gonna be tough

And the drip goes “no!”

and we say “yes!”

School’s over, another test

And our folk and us

gather round the tap

And pull and yank and bust

our butts in the process

of learning

and growing

and suffering

over the drip

which over time


and we take lessons

from the curses and blessings.

So Beware!

but don’t be scared

the journey of a thousand miles

starts with a single step

and if you trip

it could be nothing

or it could be The Drip.

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February 19, 2024

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