March 16, 2023

Photo Series: Buenos Aires 🇦🇷

Selected Images from Buenos Aires, Argentina

I was really excited to arrive back in Argentina. I had brilliant memories of the tenacity of the Porteños, the nightlife and restaurants, the beautifully sweet medialuna croissants, the cosmopolitan, more European nature of Buenos Aires, and the stunning architecture that can be found there. Not to mention the barbecue (asado) culture, which I was able to sample plentifully during the hot days there.

Below are some pictures from my time in the city staying with my friend Pablo.

I wanted to include this image as it displays the pride Argentinians have in their country, especially post-World Cup victory. It is a pride that remains strong during an uncertain time, as inflation skyrockets to unprecedented levels.
This exemplifies the Parisian architecture that you can find all over the city. It is a remanent of better days for the city, which was the jewel in the crown of Argentina some hundred years ago when it was one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The elite looked to Europe for inspiration in many areas of their lives, most notably in their residences and offices.
Many people in the city can claim Italian heritage, so I thought I would include this lovely restaurant facade.
This frame has a cinematic quality to it. Taken in Palermo, named after the Sicilian city, and one of the most hip areas of the city, saturated in restaurants, bars, cafés, and vintage stores.
The café I went to most in Palermo: Cuervo Café
On some evenings Pablo and I would take bikes and cycle around his suburban neighbourhood. Usually it would end with a movie screening in his uncle's home cinema.
The houses in the suburban Martinez area all have very different architecture: modernist, minimalist, old Tudor, American suburban, Spanish colonial, even a castle.
The layout of a BA staple: the choripan. The ingredients are simple: some bread, chorizo sausage, salsa and chimichurri.
One of the few pieces of graffiti I found of Argentina's current No. 10.
Whereas this guy has murals all over the city. This one is using his likeness as a critique of Qatar, which sponsors Buenos Aires' biggest team - Boca Juniors, and was of course host to the National Team's most recent World Cup win.
Enjoying a coffee & pastry at Cuervo Café with Pablo's sister.

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