April 1, 2020

How To Help Neighbours During Coronavirus


Laura looked out of her window.

There was a man there. Across the road.

He was half naked, but turned away from her.

He had hair all over his back. Lesser spotted hairy-backed man. She chuckled. She’d tell Gary later. He’d laugh.

Laura had a habit of sticking her tongue out of her mouth when she was exerting a lot of effort. She was exerting effort now, attaching her home waxing kit onto a hook. It had been an extra somebody had given her for Christmas a few years back, and now took pride of place atop the closet in the bedroom, giving the faint hairs growing on her chin something to think about.

“The kindness the quarantine brings out in us is truly a miracle to behold,” Laura thought to herself, as she hooked it to her drone, firing it up for the trip over.

He would now just be a man. Still lesser spotted. But bare-backed.

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