Palm Flower


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This project was another collaborator with DBOX, this time for a property in Dubai. The brief was to tell a story using duality as the core concept, and with Swan Lake's primary characters Odette and Odile as chief inspiration.

We shot it in the fantastic city of Budapest, and were supported by three dozen fantastic crew members, as well as the brilliant Cyd Studio, where we did much of the shoot on their Virtual Production wall.

I will be doing a write-up of the way we approached shooting using this technology and the blending of it into the visual effects in post-production.

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Director: Sam Ainsworth
VFX Director: David Cairney
Creative Director: Christiaan Klaassen
Director of Photography: Mads Junker
Lead Actress: Taisia Darieva
Costume Designer: Lilla Lendvai
Assistant Director: Juci Szåbo
Composer: Pablo Scopinaro
Editor: Sam Ainsworth
Location Manager: Daniel Benyi (of Cyd Studios)
Make-Up Artist: Barbara Keseru
Gaffer: "Bosco" Gåbor Bånrévi
Agency: DBOX
Client: Alpago Properties