Masterclass Reel


Over 2021, I produced (through La Paz Films) a number of masterclasses for Mindvalley in London and Paris. This showreel collates the work of myself and my team in creating these films.

The Masterclasses themselves, with Jade Shaw, Sonia Choquette, and Paul McKenna, were addressing a number of topics including confidence, creativity, self-belief, and dreaming states. It was both an incredibly enriching personal as well as professional experience into the world of online education and spiritual mastery.

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Client Producer: Busisiwe Dube Moshodi

Producer: Sam Ainsworth

Production manager: Augustin Hardy

Assistant Directors: Ruby Victor, Carlotta Beck Peccoz (both London), and Jules Tardif (Paris)

Art Directors: Giorgia Joseph, Juliana Matsubara (both London), and Axelle De Biasi (Paris)

DPs Pauline Gefin and Nicolas Lejtreger (London & Paris)